Welcome to Quantum RNG for OpenQu

We provide quantum random numbers as a service, QRNGaaS.

Our tool is serving a web API for the quantum random number generator Quantis developed by the Swiss company ID Qantique.

Quantum randomness

Quantum mechanics describes a theoretical framework that guarantees true random numbers as a physical principle.

The Quantis device procuded by ID Qantique makes use of the uncertainty of photons based on a Polarising Beam Splitter (PBS), which reflects vertically polarised photons and transmits horizontally polarised photons as illustrated in the figure.

Polarising Beam Splitter (PBS)

Figure 1: QRNG based on a Polarising Beam Splitter (PBS). The beam splitter reflects or transmits incoming light depending on its polarisation (vertical or horizontal). In the ideal case, where the incoming light consists of diagonally polarised single-photon pulses and where the detectors click with certainty if and only if a photon arrives, each of the two outcomes X=(0,1) and X=(1,0) occurs with probability 1/2. [Figure from arXiv:1311.4547 [quant-ph]]

Extracting more randomness

arXiv:1311.4547 [quant-ph]